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After Surgery

Upon discharge from hospital, please make sure that you have your drops and know how often to use them. You should also know the dates and times for your follow-up visits and bring all medication to each appointment.

If your eye remains sore, irritated or if you are concerned about something in relation to your operation, please contact our rooms.

You may experience problems with glare after surgery but this usually wears off. We recommend you wear sunglasses to reduce the glare in the meantime.

Glasses may be necessary for reading or for distance, or a combination of these functions, after surgery. Glasses are usually prescribed 3-4 weeks after surgery, by which time the eye has healed.

Sometimes, years after the operation, the vision may start to fade again and this can cause alarm. This is often due to a thickening of the posterior capsule of the eye. Do not be alarmed by this, simply contact the rooms for an appointment. This is easily treated with laser treatment performed in our rooms. This does not represent any failure of the original operation and is a common phenomenon, which has necessitated the production of a specialized machine, called the YAG laser, for its correction.

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