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At Victorian Eye Surgeons we aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Set up in 2012, our state of the art rooms and new equipment allow us to provide an efficient and informative service to our patients. We understand that many people are often anxious about eye tests but we hope that our friendly staff and doctors can put you at ease and make your experience a positive one.


  • A referral from your GP, Optometrist or other Specialist

  • Current prescription glasses or contact lenses

  • Medicare Card

  • Pension card (if applicable)

  • Private Health Fund information (if applicable)

  • List of current medications

  • An interpreter (if required)


When you come to Victorian Eye surgeons for an eye examination you’ll first be seen by an Orthoptist who will test your vision, glasses, eye pressure and perform other specialised tests depending on the reason for your visit. Eye drops will be used dilate your pupils so your specialist can examine the health of the inside of your eyes. These dilating drops last for a few hours and cause blurring of your vision and sensitivity to bright lights. We do not recommend that you drive after these drops are used. Having thoroughly assessed your eyes, your specialist will discuss with you the state of your vision and eye health. If surgery is required, the specialist will discuss with you the various options available and risks of each.


If this is your first consultation, then you will more than likely have dilating eye drops put into your eyes. These enable thorough examination of the inside of your eyes but cause blurring of your vision and sensitivity to bright lights. We therefore recommend that you don’t drive home, rather find alternative transport or have some accompany your to your examination.

Dilating drops may also be used at subsequent consultations, depending on your eye condition. If you are concerned about driving home from follow-up consultations, please contact our staff and they should be able to give you a good indication as to whether the dilating drops will be used.


In order to ensure you get the maximum rebate from Medicare, please make sure you have a valid referral from your GP, Optometrist or other Specialist. Referrals may expire, so please check with our staff if you are unsure about the validity of your referral.

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