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  • How long will I be at the hospital for a cataract operation?
    Cataract surgery is a day procedure. Whilst recovery times can vary, we recommend you allow four hours between arriving at the hospital and being allowed to go home safely.
  • Is cataract surgery always done as a local anaesthetic procedure? Will I be able to feel or see anything?
    Cataract surgery is usually done with local anaesthetic and some gentle sedation. The level of sedation can be increased if necessary. In general, this method provides the most comfort, with little recollection of the procedure. The procedure is painless but you may be able to see faint lights and feel slight movement. Occasionally a general anaesthetic is administered.
  • Am I able to drive myself home from the operation?
    No, we recommend you have someone drive you home after your surgery.
  • Can I choose what hospital I have my operation in?
    Yes. Victorian Eye Surgeons has access to a range of excellent fully accredited surgical facilities across Melbourne. Our staff will happily assist you in deciding which location will be best for you.
  • Can multifocal lenses be inserted into my eyes?
    Yes. This can be done at the time of cataract surgery or as an elective procedure to minimize the need for spectacles. Dr Atkins and the staff at VES can discuss this in more detail with you at the time of your consultation.
  • If I don't have private health insurance, but want to pay to have my surgery done privately, are some hospitals cheaper than others?"
    Yes. The staff at VES will endeavour to achieve the most competitive price on your behalf. Medicare contributes a payment that will cover part of your surgical and anaesthetic fee but not the hospital fee.
  • Is there a reduced fee for pensioners?
    Yes. The staff can explain the pensioner discount at the time of your consultation.
  • How often do I have my eyes checked to maintain my driver's license?
    We recommend an annual check. Our staff will be able to arrange reminders for you to ensure that receive regular and effective eye health checks and that you achieve the best possible vision for the longest possible duration.
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